The Universe of Comics

Do you enjoy reading the Sunday Comics in the Newspaper or Watching Cartoon Network? Did you know that Comics were originally a form of criticism? Explore the History of Comics from its early origins as political cartoons and comic strips, to comic books, online comics, and Japanese comics. Artists can examine the various drawing styles and possibly create your own using various Software. Fans of the various comics can enjoy the various activities that were inspired and centered around comics, and their characters.

Original Cartoons and Comic strips

  • Timeline of Comic History
    • Factmonster outlines the history of the comic strip. Here you will find a general overview of where comics strips have been, and where they are now. Included with this list is links to more information about comics, and their creation
  • Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (comic, manga)
    • This online encyclopedia has information about the history of comics and manga. Using the keywords “comic” and “manga” you can find articles about the various forms of comics.
  • History of Political Cartoons By Jim Zwick
    • The first comics were editorial cartoons. Jim Zwick explains the importance of these cartoons, and provides numerous examples of this type of comic.
  • Understanding Comics Find this at your local library by Scott McCloud (1994)
    • A comic book about comics, this explains how to read, write, and enjoy comics. Look for more guides to comics at the local library or your local comic store
  • List of Comic Strips
    • This list does not list all comic strips, but it does have a large collection of newspaper comic strips and editorial comics viewable on the web. If your favorite comic isn’t listed try searching it in Google.


  • Comixpedia WebEncyclopedia
    • This Wiki contains all of the information about WebComics, their creators, and other related material. Hosted by Comixpedia , a WebComic review site.
  • The WebComic List
    • This Comprehensive list of every WebComic, categorizes comics by topic, and viewable from the site to registered visitors. Annually they have WebComic Awards, in addition to Popularity rankings
  • Creators Choice Awards
    • The Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards is held annually to honor the best and the flashiest. This is the Academy Awards of Webcomics; only fellow artists can vote. The Ceremony is presented in comic form.
  • The History Of Web Comics Find this at your local library by T Campbell (2015)
    • WebComic author T Campbell is one of the most respected figures in the WebComic world. He contributes to 6 comics a wide variety of topics. This is an expansion on his posts from Comixpedia.
  • Keenspot
    • While in a decline, Keenspot has been the beginnings of many now middle age comics who have found new homes ie servers. In addition to hosting comics at little cost to the artist, they make starting a community easy with pre made forums, automatic updater, and rotating advertising banner for other keenspot comics

Comic Books

  • Comic History
    • From 1896 to 1982, Derek Santos takes us on a journey through the history of Comics and comic books.
  • Comic Book Encyclopedia Find this at your local library by Ron Goulart (2004)
    • For a basic introduction to Comic Book history, this encyclopedia can be skimmed from cover to cover, or serve as a reference. Ask your librarian to help you find similar books, if you want more
  • DC Comics
    • Created in 1935, this is the home of the Justice League. DC Comics created the infamous Superman, Batman, and other superheros. They are one of the two largest creators of comic books, and now one of the two richest with the creation of television shows(Cartoon Network and WB). This site’s Secret filesgrants insight many traditional comic characters.
  • Marvel
    • The other leading comic creator, Marvel inspired Spiderman, X-men, and Fantastic Four. Currently pursuing making their entire collection of comics into movies, they also have a rich history of their characters in the Marvel Universe. Marvel’s characters generally are humans who gain powers through various accidents or evolution.
  • List of Comic Books
    • A collector’s list of almost every comic book, this database has information about different comic series, and photos of the covers. With over 85,000 issues indexed, will be able to see the covers of not only Marvel and DC Comics comics, but the other lesser know series as well.


  • No Flying No Tights
    • Want to find manga to read? This site reviews various titles that include no flying superhero and certainly no skin tight spandex. Start your search for manga here at “what’s the deal?”, and check back often to find a new favorite.
  • Manga Online
    • For examples of various Manga, look at the various previews provided by Tokyopop. They publish many Japanese material including CLAMP, and have explanation of storylines, characters, and mp3s about the manga itself.
  • Viz
    • Viz is another publisher of Japanese manga, and anime. Publisher of Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and manga from his anime, they also carry manga and dvds of many of the shows from Cartoon Network: Inuyahsa, Full Metal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin, Cold Case, One Piece and many more.
  • Manga : 60 Years of Japanese Comics Find this at your local library by Paul Gravett (2004)
    • A visually stunning book that covers the entire history of Japanese whimsical pictures ie Manga, from post-war editorial cartoons to gekiga to dojinshi to Mecha. Browse your libraries 740-742 or graphic novel section for more titles.

Comic Activities

  • Comic-Con
    • Annually in San Diego, Comic fans gather to discuss the industry, trade comics, and socialize with other fans.
  • City of Heros
    • Join this online world where all players have superpowers, and battle against players from City of Villains
  • Hero Games
    • A Roleplaying game that allows players to create their own superheros (or any other character) and play through their adventures.
  • WebComic Trading Card Game
    • This CCG, plays like Magic the Gathering, but uses characters, settings, objects, and events from various webcomics.


  • Manga Tutorials
    • A basic guide to drawing, if you have little experience drawing people you can learn the basics here, with a few specific anime style examples are described. This focuses mostly on general anatomy, and Manga stylized clothing. A great place to find information on Manga symbolism for newer readers.
  • How to Draw Manga
    • Artist can see detailed sketches of the various elements of manga art with pencil and pen line.
  • Comic Art
    • In the tutorials section they have guides to drawing supplies, Photoshop and different techniques for drawing realistic characters.
  • Manga Studio
    • Art software that interfaces with a tablet PC or the mouse to allow an artist create various manga and other art styles. This software features over 20 different pen types, and a special layer system that allows you to edit pencil and pen lines separately.