Sample Outline Alternate Block Structure

Title of Paper: Protection from an Unknown Killer


  1. Real life example/illustration
  2. Information about HPV
  3. Information about vaccine Gardasil
  4. Thesis: Though some believe that immunization should be the decision of the parent, is too costly, is dangerous or risky, or condones promiscuity, the HPV vaccine should be mandatory for girls ages nine to thirteen in middle schools and should be paid for by the insurance companies or the government.

Body One: Con Point 1; Pro Point 1: Mandatory vaccinations keep kids healthy

  1. Parental decision, not a school decision to have a daughter vaccinated
  2. Precedent set – Schools require other vaccines (MMR, DPT, Polio)
  3. A study done in South Carolina shows that only twenty-five percent of the parents would have their daughters receive the vaccine if the state recommended it, while ninety-five percent would receive it if the state required it (Michaels).

Body Two: Con Point 2, Pro Point 2: Cost of vaccinations

  1. Gardasil is expensive; not everyone can afford the vaccine, nor do they have health insurance
  2. Insurance companies need to help with the cost; cost should not be an object in the way of health
  3. Maureen Killackey, a gynecological oncologist, also said that “60% of those that die from cervical cancer are uninsured, undeserved, and immigrant population” (Crowley).

Body Three: Con Point 3, Pro Point 3: Effectiveness of vaccinations

  1. A few studies have been done that show ineffectiveness of the vaccine and complications due to the vaccine when given to young girls
  2. Almost all other studies show that the vaccine is extremely safe and at least 98 percent effective against HPV
  3. Thus far the vaccinations are nearly one hundred percent effective in protecting against pre-cancerous lesions caused by types 16 and 18, and ninety-eight percent maintained protection against HPV types 16 and 18 (“Cancer Vaccines: Taking a Jab at Cancer by Stimulating the Immune System”).

Body Four: Con Point 4, Pro Point 4: Influence on sexual activity

  1. Vaccinations will encourage promiscuity
  2. Teenagers are already sexually active, so let’s provide them with opportunities to be as safe as possible
  3. In the United States population of college women, fourteen percent have contracted HPV by the end of their first year and nearly forty-three percent by their graduation (Bly and Robinson).


  1. HPV vaccine Gardasil should be mandatory for all teenage girls
  2. Insurance companies/government should provide coverage for this new vaccine
  3. Public health laws should be rewritten to include this with other school-mandated vaccines