Providing Results In Research Paper

Instead of providing specific results where we’re actually giving numbers and statistics or providing just a brief broad overview of the main points that we found in our results section and then finally in green we have the conclusion and it says our study illustrates the complexity of using adaptive management to retain a unique genome for Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits while improving genetic diversity and simultaneously balancing intensive husbandry to improve survival with efforts to reduce artificial selection for the captive environment so this is just a brief sentence stating what the general conclusion was or this paper. Learn how to write a good conclusion onĀ Edusson.

So that is as you can see that’s a snapshot of your paper or what we call an abstract is not specific it’s broad and it covers all the major portions of your paper you’re also going to be working on your discussion this week the discussion is an analysis or an interpretation of the results so you want to start with a broad opening paragraph you’ve just come off of the results which are very it’s very dry and you’re just spouting out numbers you’re not saying what it means so you need to bring the reader back into the paper so start with a broad opening paragraph that kind of leads the reader into your discussion you want to briefly summarize your results in the discussion and then analyze and interpret what those results mean you’re going to use sources to support your thoughts and the points that you’re making and then you want to finish with the concluding paragraph you’re going to draw it all together and relate it back to your hypothesis so what do we mean by analyze and interpret the results what we’re seeing with that is where you’re pulling meaning out of your results you want to explain what you found and you want to emphasize the importance of the results.

Don’t forget to make it all relate back to your hypothesis and try to remember to use words that aren’t definitive you want to use words like this suggests it possibly means likely maybe or this could mean and you want to avoid using definitive terms like this means or this proves because remember your your research is suggesting things but you don’t have you’re not conclusively saying this is the only thing possible so let’s let’s look at a little example here in our results section maybe you said females and small breeding pens produced a maximum of three litters a year whereas two of two females held in larger naturalized breeding pens produced four there’s a year in the discussion you might say something a little less specific not necessarily include the numbers say it a little more broad and then interpret it so females and larger pens produce more litters and those and smaller pens suggesting that larger pens were more conducive to produce you more kids this may be due to a number of factors including less disturbance from human workers.