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You know at first sight i was scared of this “Path of the Damned” mode, because once you choose it you can’t go back, you can’t lower the difficulty ingame in case you’re stuck ! And it was described as a mode for Rpg Veterans, for Hardcore gamers, for great tacticians ! hmmm… You want my 2 cents about this ? Nothing was further from the truth ! C’mon… the more i was advancing into the game, the more i was leveling… the more i was feeling SUPER UBER ! If path of the damned is considered to be the hardest mode, i already feel bad for those who chose Hard…


Pillars of Eternity is an EASY game ! Ok in Path of the damned you might have some hard encounters at the beginning… but as long as you use potions in your equipment… as long as you use everything you found like traps, summons or scrolls… and not store everything as if you were a compulsive collector (so don’t do like me lol…) then it’s going to be all right ! No frankly… Yes there are many opponents in POTD mode… many that’s true ! Sometimes it’s like you fighting whole regiments of foes ! Then just create a Bottleneck, a choke point if you prefer… Just stand in a doorway and they won’t be able to surround you.

Just a little advice… Take a MONK ! Only one and you’re good to go… why ? Because the monk in POE is basically a killing machine, you’ll feel sorry for everything against you… apart from the 2 biggest dragons in the game… Your Monk can TANK everything ! And your monk possess THE MOST IMPORTANT ABILITY ingame ! At least in Path of the damned it’s kinda required if you want to crush everything in your path lol… an ability that let your monk kick your opponent in front of you, and affecting a large cone of foes as well ! That means if you’re standing in a doorway, archway, whatever… you spam this ability and you’re dealing damage to several enemies at the same time, while on their side only one can touch you lol…

I only had 1 monk in my team… I could have replaced my fighter and my (useless) rogue as well by monks… but then battles would have become far too easy… No point in making them even more easier and spoil the fun of tactics.

Also even if in POTD mode you can only bring with you 2 supplies of campfire, meaning you can only rest 2 times to replenish your abilities during your travels or in a dungeon… You can still find campfire supplies if you explore well enough, and having a rogue is a good thing to detect hidden caches and secret passages. The key to success is to manage your team health ! If your main tank have been hit very hard during the last fight, just let him out of the next fight and let another one take the damage ! Like this you can wait a long time before deciding to make a campfire. I never ran out of campfire supplies during the whole game.

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