Online World of Art

Art is one of the oldest expressions of humanity. It has come in the form of paintings, sculptures, literature, drama, and even movies. The world wide web has been able to enhance the art experience as well as create new ones. This path finer will highlight how the digital age has impacted human expression.



    • An online community for photographers, this site allows registered users to share photos, articles, techniques, and more.
  • National Geographic Photography
    • National Geographic is most famous for its stunning photos from around the world. On this specific page visitors can view photos to get the national geographic experience, as well as learn tips from professionals on how to improve their photography skills.
  • Every Picture has a Story
    • Photographs capture a moment in time, and the Smithsonian highlights this aspect in a lesson plan involving photography, which also outlines the history of the medium.
  • Flickr
    • Flickr has revolutionized the medium of photography, allowing not only virtual photo albums for families, but also enhancing the ability for photographers to store, categorize, and utilize their work.
  • Digital Photography Review
    • Part of becoming an expert photographer is your equipment. The Digital Photography Review highlights the various tools beneficial to artists, with detailed reviews on cameras and links to resources on using popular models.


  • Artcyclopedia
    • An online database directing user to classic art images available on the world wide web. They provide access to over 100,000 works of art from 8,500 artists located on about 2,300 different indexed sites. There is also a listing art available to be freely used by others.
    • One of the uses of the internet is for virtual stores. allows the art connoisseur to purchase posters, postcards and more featuring their favorite artists from art history and today.
  • World Wide Arts Resources
    • The site focuses primarily on contemporary art, but this section indexes images and biographies of over 22,000 artists from the twelfth to the twentieth century.
  • Makr Harden’s Artchive
    • An academic approach to art this site provides images, essays, and resources about classic artists combining information from numerous print sources. In order to provide this site freely viewable to the public, the host has some advertisements as well as a donation page.
  • Art Online
    • Your online guide to Italian art, available in italian and english, this site can take you on a virtual tour of the art of Italy and the world. This site also features puzzles, art lessons, and news about upcoming exhibits.

Self Expression

  • Elouai
    • Many places on the web allow users to create virtual dolls. They can be used to illustrate characters in a story, serve as an avatar, or art models.
  • Premade Icons and Avatars
    • This site has hundreds of premade icons and avatars that can be used for most social networks.
  • Photo Editor
    • One way to be creative is to blend photos. At this site you can find two easy to use photo editors that will blend pictures. Download a demo or purchase for $29.95 with a paypal account.
  • Gaia Avatar
    • Gaia online allows users to earn points for posting on the forums. These points can be used to buy accessories for your avatar, and at tektek you can access all of the available accessories and make your dream avatar.
  • Pictaps
    • This web toy allows you to draw a humanoid person then retrace your drawing and let your image dance around.
  • Flickr toys
    • Create posters, magazine covers, and more from photos in your Flickr account. This can be used to make images of people you know or advertisements for businesses.


  • 010101
    • This 21st century art exhibit uses a website as the canvas for an art piece about “art in technology times”.
  • Singularity Knot Animations
    • For centuries art has been created from mathematical formulae. This site features videos of six visual representations of Singularity knots.
  • Abstract Digital Art Gallery
    • Art by Jack Haas available free for use by anyone who gives him credit. His abstract art is available on this site.This artist also has a youtube video which goes through his art pieces to music by Craig Pruess and Ananda.
  • Digital Art
    • This online gallery features art from Amateur to Professional.
  • Digital Art Museum
    • For a history of digital artists you can visit the virtual museum of digital art, which included biographies of the influential artists, galleries, essays, a time line and more.
  • GFXartist
    • One digital art community includes a variety of illustrations, paintings, photographs, and other digital arts. Artists create accounts, and use this site as a virtual portfolio where other members can comment, rate, and share artwork.
  • deviantART
    • Another online art portfolio, this site allows users to collect, submit, and socialize with other artists. Users are generally teens or young artists.

General Fun

  • Falling Sand
    • not only is this relaxing, but players can create various designs using the four types of sand. Water will grow plants, and plants and oil will burn. Use walls to contain the different stands, and funnel together to create new designs.
  • Pacman Mondraian
    • Pac man meets modern art. Play the classic arcade game using modern art as the game levels.
  • Flickrbits
    • There are many tools that enable you to use flickr in new ways. This is a list of many web based applications. I also recommend Color Pickr by Krazy Dad.
  • Chaospro
    • Using a mathematical equation called a fractal you can create stunning images. This downloadable tool allows you to manipulate the equation and the color palette.
  • Coloring Pages
    • Like the coloring books of your childhood you can also use virtual crayons to color images, although you will need to use a photo editor to blend. Try Adobe Photoshop or free software like Gimp.


  • Louvre Imaginary Exhibit
    • One of the worlds leading art museums the Louvre has used a 3d technology to create a virtual exhibit of the works of Jean-HonorĂ© Fragonard. To experience this site you need to install a Virtool: 3d Life Player available at
  • Timeline of Art History
    • From the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this detailed timeline of art history provides short summary of artistic styles from the different regions of the world paired with images of items from their collection to help individuals learn about the history of art since the origin of man.
  • Art Institute of Chicago
    • The official website for the Art institute of Chicago highlights its collections with photographs of different pieces in the collection. They also support art education with a section of the site called “art access” which includes lesson plans, maps of arts origins, glossary, arts and crafts descriptions and links to extra resources such as books, videos, and external websites.
  • Explore Art
    • The Rubin Museum of Art uses technology to create dynamic experiences. Visit their website to for their current exhibit on Himalayan art, as well as documentary videos that give viewers museum quality experiences. This site requires Flash.
  • Museum Stuff
    • An online directory to museum websites around the world. Categorized by region and collection themes.