No Prep Research Paper for Special Education


Make a list of Role Models for your students to choose from.

Run student packet off for each student (pp.3-21).

Assign due dates for each step of Research Paper Contract Sheet.

Familiarize yourself with the student packet.

Copy and paste pp.16 -19 of the packet to your school desktop and decide the best way to make the digital copy available to the students. This template will do the formatting of research paper for them. (optional)


Assign a Role Model for each student to research.

Give each student a student packet.

Discuss Research Paper Contract Sheet with the class. (Overview)

Box 1: Topic

Discuss due dates with students. (Suggestion) I gave my students extra credit for early submission and deducted 5 points for late submission. Each milestone is a daily grade. The finished product is 2 test grades.

Box 2: Working Thesis statement

Working thesis statement is written in the box at the bottom of the page. Before research is done, it can be a simple main idea statement.

Box 3: Research and Citations

Information for research is on pp. 5 -12. You will learn to cite research using the computer and take organized notes to help you write a good final paper.

Box 4: Outline

Sample research paper starts on p. 13. Outline is on p. 14. Write your final thesis in the box.

Box 5: Rough Draft

Type your rough draft. Use the Grading Rubric on pp.17- 18 to make sure your paper is the best it can be.

Box 6: Peer Edit

Have another student look for ways to improve your paper and make suggestions.

Box 7: Final Draft

Using those suggestions, revise your paper.

Research Paper Contract (Student Packet)

Assignment Due Date Date completed + or – Grade
 1 Topic  


2 Working Thesis Statement
 3 Research and Citations


5.Rough Draft  


6.Peer Edit  


7.Final Draft  



Research Paper General Guidelines and Requirements (MLA)

Cover page (per example)

Outline with thesis statement (per example)

Handwritten notes from 3 sources

Research paper

Works Cited page



  1. Use Verdana 12 font- double spaced
  2. Paper should be 2 to 3 typed pages
  3. 1 picture (optional)
  4. Center your title (capitalized properly)
  5. 2 quotes are required. They should be from two different sources with correct citation – (Lanham)
  6. 3 sources (1 book, 1 internet, other)
  7. Indent at the beginning of each paragraph.
  8. Page numbers for the research paper are numbered as shown (MLA style)
  9. Date is written as follows: day- month- year (no punctuation) see example.
  10. Thesis statement should be written on your Outline.
  11. Works Cited page is required and alphabetized.