Since the development of the web, the music industry has evolved. Now individuals can listen to song on Mp3 players, websites, the radio, and CDs. Explore the sites before and evlove from a consumer to a producer. The most important thing, is to enjoy.


  • Pandora
    • Part of the Music Genome project was to catalog music by types of sound. With the information collected Pandora was created, a site that recommends music based on the music you listen to, rather than because someone else likes it.
  • Yahoo Music
    • Create your own station to listen to the latest music, and recieve recommendations based on the similar tastes of your peers.
  • Last.FM
    • Join a network of listners to get recommendations on new artists. Also get recommendations from the songs you listen to in Itunes.


  • All Music
    • All Music all the time, this site is about the basic genres of music with info about the music industry.
  • MTV Music
    • Best known as a cable station who first aired music videos of artists, MTV has taken new directions, but still had many resources about the most popular musicians.
  • VH1
    • VH1 has the latests news, information, and previews of the music industry.
  • College Music Society
    • This site contains information about all of the college music programs around the world. If you are considering music as a college major this is a helpful site.


  • Audacity
    • Audacity is a free downloadable program that you can use to record and edit audio.
  • Garage Band
    • Garage Band is Mac software, available as part of iLife, that allows you to record, edit, and create music.
  • Sing Shot
    • At Singshot you can sing karaoke and share with other members of the site.
  • OC Remix
    • This site is dedicated to remixes of video game music. If you'd like to try moding some songs you can upload or just listen.


  • Independant Music Network
    • Upload your music. Download new songs. Hear undiscovered talent.
  • Myspace Music
    • Myspace, the popular social network site, allows artists to upload songs, and create a community around the music.
  • Juke Box Alive
    • This site not only is a resource for new musicians, but also has a community for fans.
  • PodSafe Music
    • Another great way to become discovered it offer music under the creative commons liscence. This allows podcasters to user you music in the background as long as they credit you.


  • Yahoo Podcasts!
    • If you have never created a podcast before here is a good place to start. Yahoo Podcasts! also has information about finding various podcasts
  • iTunes Podcaster Guid
    • For Mac users this guide provides you with tutorials, forum, and other help for setting up your own podcasts and submitting into Itunes.
  • Podcast Bunker
    • Find tips for creating the best podcast, with questions to consider before you begin.
  • Libsyn
    • This server has no bandwidth limits, so its perfect for hosting podcasts.
  • Podcasting News
    • Your one stop shop for news about podcasting, resources for begining, and rankings of the best podcasts.


  • Dance
    • Show off your dance skills and coordination by playing Dance Dance Revolution. DDR Freak is a community of DDR fans.
  • Become a Guitar Hero
    • Play along with some of the best rock songs on your guitar remote. Guitar Hero 2 includes even more songs for you to enjoy.
  • Practice the Drums
    • Taiko Drum Master is a Japanses PS2 game that has players drum to the beat of many American pop songs.
  • Video Game Music
    • Have you ever gotten the theme of Mario Brothers stuck in your head? Well now you can listen to it and other video game theme songs without having to play the game. (this is a good place to get the music to create remixes of OC Remix)
  • YouTube
    • Create your own music video, or video tape yourself singing a song. Be sure to observe copyright laws when using the music though.

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