American Cinema has captured the audiences of generations. Below you can explore different aspects of film that has evolved with the world wide web. I encourage you to explore this page in sections unfamiliar to you.


  • Internet Movie Database
    • Basic information about movies, television shows, and the actors that star in them. This is a great place to find basic information about the industry.
  • Yahoo Movies
    • For movies theatrically released, this site provides more than basic movie information. Showtimes, DVD information, Trailers and Clips, and Actor profiles all add to the basic movie information. Users can also find up-to-date news from the industry, professional reviews, and fan ratings.
  • iFilm
    • This collection of independant clips, comercials, and shorts organized by catagories. This site is much like Youtube.
  • Cinematography
    • A Forum for the behind the scence industry professionals with news and resources about camera work.
  • 1001 Movies You Must See Before You DieFind this at your local library by Steven Jay Schneider
    • This rather thick anthology of movie history is filled with summaries and screenshots of the worlds finest films from the Silent era to 2004.


  • American Film Institute
    • AFI celebrates the great films of american cineamatography. Best known for their 100 years series created in 1998 to celebrate 100 years of film making.
  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
    • Responsible for the Oscars, this organization is dedicated to honoring the individuals of the film industry who's outstanding achievemnts have fostored cultural, eduatiaonal and technical success.
  • Motion Picture Association of American (MPAA)
    • The MPAA established in 1922, are advocates of American films. They are responsible for the ratings on theatrical releases, and currently on a campain against piracy.
  • Movies Unlimited
    • This distributor sells movies from Hollywood's early days to today. You can search by Star, Director, Decade or Studio. Each movie contains a short description.
  • Greatest Films
    • Created by a movie fan this site catogrizes all most Hollywood films, highlighting ones everyone should watch

Japanese Anime

  • The Anime Companion Find this at your local library by Gilles Poitras
    • Gilles Poitras writes a guide to Japanese pop culture, the animation industry, and everything fans would ever want to know about their favorite entertainment.
  • Anime Checklist
    • A comprehensive list of Japanese Animation
    • contains reviews of English translated Anime available for purchase.
  • Anime Slander
    • Anime Reviews for and by fans, here you can find honest opinions about popular anime.
  • Anime Source
    • Reviews, News, Forums and more about Japanese film making, including links to other anime related websites.
  • Anipike
    • An online community of anime fans with links to fansites, magazines, and more


  • Bollywood in Wikipedia
    • This basic guide to the history of Indian Cinema will explain its origins, and its unique charcteristics .
  • Upperstall
    • Created in 2000, this commercial site sets out to provide infomration about classic Indian films.
  • Bollywood 4 you
    • B4U is a television network dedicated to Bollywood entertainnment. They specialize in both Movies and Music.
  • Bollywood World
    • Like American Cinema the stars of Indian Cinima become legends. This site is one of many sites dedicatied with Bollywood Entertainment.
  • Hindisong
    • Like Bollywood World this is also an entertainment site with news, media, and more about Bollywood cinema


  • Sundance
    • Sponsor of the Sundance Independent Film Festival, Sundance is dedicated to supporting emerging screenwriters and directors.
  • Independent Films
    • Dedicated to publicizing the efforst of independent directors, this site features everything filmmakers need to develop and independent film. Also included in the resources is listing of film festivals that movie fans can attend.
  • Independent Feature Project
    • In 1979 this project was founded to encourage the "voices of filmmakers working outside of the established studio system"
  • iFilm
    • Like the popular Youtube, this site allows users to access short clips of media productions. THis site consists mostly of industry clips including news, actor interviews, tv clips, commercials, and previews.

Beyond Films

  • YouTube
    • Known to most as a free distribution of homemade movies and machinima. Youtube is one of many websites that lets future filmmakers share their creations with a worldwide audience. Some examples
  • Internet Archive Movies
    • Films are more than entertainment, they also help document our history. The Internet Archive has thousands of movies uploaded from all over the world.
    The Movies
    • This interactive video game encourages players to plan and create their own machinima.
  • Red Vs Blue
    • These serial videos use clips from the video game Halo to create machinima. Think the evening news for gamers.

For more examples of Machinima go to

Find this at your local library= Book

All resources listed are of a primary or scholarly source. Primary is defined as created for or by the original creators of the materials. This guide is intended for a high school audience for recreational use, but could also be utilized in classroom research.