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Technology is always improving and changing, and one of the most effective ways to adapt is to try out different tools, and slowly learn how the world wide web works.

Below you will find links that will help you explore. Life long learning includes an attitude of willingness to try new things. In order to truly give something a chance you need to spend a couple of hours at least exploring it.

This site is an addition to the other resources at MBMPL linked at the top of this page.

Take your time, and only view what seems the most beneficial to you. I wish you luck in your exploration.


  • Art
    • Art has been enhanced by the capabilities of the web. See how the digital world has impacted and influenced this medium.
  • Comics
    • Most children enjoy the Sunday funnies. This explores the history and future of cartoon images.
  • Movies
    • Explore movie history, and see how the web has influenced the film industry
  • Audio
    • Music is evolving thanks to the web. Use this pathfinder to see the tools pushing the evolution.
  • Gaming
    • The Internet has not only created new genres of games, but also enables communities among the players.


  • Online Identity
    • Designed for professionals to assist them with creating an online identity. Feel free to use the resources in programs with teens.
  • Medieval Community
    • Developed as a quest that could be complete on a teen island in Second Life, this webquest has not been field tested.
  • Time Traveler's Candidate
    • This was the first webquest I made when I was student teaching. I made it for 5th graders, and surprisingly they enjoyed it.

Projects I completed

  • Famous Hoosiers
    • The last semester of my student teaching, I assisted a 4th grade teacher with collecting famous Hoosier resources. To assist her and others I created a website featuring the information I found.
  • Virus
    • When I was working with Kindergardeners I collected books, and brought in a computer for the children to take apart. As part of the project I created a bibliography for elementary students and powerpoint explaining viruses.
  • Curriculum Resource Center
    • While working at Butler University, one of the many projects I worked on was developing resources for the CRC. This is a page I created after talking with professors
  • Children's Literature Award Winners
    • As part of the resources I created for Butler Universities CRC, I created a list of award winning titles with call numbers to help patrons use the area better.
  • Children's Literature Reflection
    • In 2004, I took a semester to expand my knowledge of children's literature. In the process I post a record on geocities, and created a presentation about the images of slavery in children's literature.

Current Projects

  • Second Life
    • In Second Life I help teach classes, build, create content, and other odd jobs.
    • YALSA, a division of ALA, has allowed me to blog, participate at conferences, and contribute to the information about technology for young adults.
  • Gaming in Libraries
    • Recognizing Teen culture is one aspect of young adult librarianship. I have been a gamer since childhood, and I encourage libraries to see the positive sides outweigh the negative.
  • Youtube
    • The videos on Youtube reflect the culture of today's teens. I find it not only fascinating, but a great insight to how teens consume then produces media culture.
  • Reviewing
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