Moral in Narration Essay

You don’t have to write the moral other story is or what I really learned was you know some of you are very creative writers and you are more insightful than that so I’m sure we can expect a better round off to your story than something like that but make it clear that we’ve come to the end of the situation and that your point is made clear to the reader as well 3 make sure all events are told in a clear sequence of events which is characteristic of good chronological order imagine someone trying to tell you about a movie or trying to tell you about what happened to them last night and they keep saying oh but before that oh I forgot to tell you it is and then what happened was but oh I forgot to tell you that all right. Find out more about essay writing onĀ Edusson.

They’re all over the place that is so frustrating because you cannot get a clear sense of what happened because they jump here they forgot that then I got to tell you this and go back there okay so imagine you writing an essay like that that’s very frustrating to read for your instructor and for your peers who might be reviewing your work number four write out or outline the events of your story before beginning to write so you have one situation all right that time in Spain where the lady didn’t want to give me my money back for suntan lotion I could do a beginning and intro a middle and end but I need to write out or draft out exactly what I’m going to talk about when I’m telling that experience that helps me to stay focused and it helps my writing to stay focused use descriptions examples and rich colorful language to make your story vivid for the reader use your senses sights smells colors all of that so that we get a sense or a better understanding of your situation and what was happening all right before we end off let’s take a look at a narration paragraph from a professional writer my first public poetry reading took place at a restaurant where a luncheon was being held before the event.

I was nervous and excited as I walked in with a notebook in hand an older woman motioned me to her table and thinking foolish me that she wanted me to autograph a copy of my newly published slender volume of verse I went over she ordered a cup of coffee from me assuming that I was the waitress easy enough to mistake my poems from menus I suppose I know it wasn’t an intentional act of cruelty yet of all the good things that happens later I remember that same most clearly because it reminded me of what I had to overcome before anyone would take me seriously this is from the Latino stereotype by judith ortiz Cofer no look from the very beginning of the sentence or from the very first sentence we know she’s talking about a public poetry event we have a sense of what happened in the middle of that paragraph and at the end what she got from it it reminded her of what she would have to overcome before anybody would take her seriously so this is a condensed example of what you will do in a full narration essay.