As the internet matured, so did the social aspects of gaming. Not only can you play online, but you can find various communities related your favorite games.

At Home

  • Game FAQ's
    • When you are stuck in a game, the best bet is to look up a walk through created by another gamer who has experience playing games, and has beaten the game you are currently playing. Game FAQ is a collection of although, FAQ's, reviews, message boards, and general game info
  • IGN
    • Another place to find Walkthroughs and reviews is IGN, although it costs to access the information, the community contributes to the available content, making it worthwhile for faithful players.
  • Game Rankings
    • Your one stop shop for game reviews, game rankings combines reviews from the gaming magazines and web sorting games by an averaged score.
  • Joystiq
    • Most faithful gamers like to know the latest gaming and industry News. Joystiq is a blog where fans have become experts contributing on various topics related to gaming
  • Kotaku
    • Kotaku is a blog for gamers with a broad focus on interesting stories that would appeal to most gamers.

On the Go

  • Board Games to Go
    • Another way to learn more about games is through podcasts. Mark Johnson talks about various board games, and reflects upon the gaming experience with others.
  • Roll 2d6
    • This podcast has an "unfocused focus" where they talk about tabletop games, the game industry, and personal experiences.
  • Ogre Cave Audio Report
    • Experienced gamers reflect upon tabletop gaming from a business and consumer perspective.
  • WoW Radio
    • A collection of live shows and podcasts about the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, World of Warcraft.
  • Go Nintendo
    • News, reviews, and general banter about Nintendo games from a large number of hosts.
  • GDC Radio
    • Gamasutra has created a podcast for game designers featuring popular topics from the annual Game Developers Conference. This is a interesting new podcast for those interested in the behind the scenes view of game development.


  • Machinima
    • Some gamers have been able to record their computer screen while playing their favorite game. Then edit the video to create a movie called machinima
  • Youtube Videos
    • Youtube has allowed gamers to record their own interpretations of gaming culture and upload to share with friends and fellow fans.
  • OC Remix
    • This site is dedicated to remixes of video game music. If you'd like to try modding some songs you can upload or just listen.
  • Mod DB
    • Many games allow users to create new maps, change rules, edit maps, or alter the interface. These changes are called mods, and this site has a large collection of mods for a variety of different games.
  • Game-Themed Webcomics
    • Webcomics reflect upon the shared experiences of the community. Many individuals online are also gamers so the themes of many webcomics involve gaming. This link is a 2005 article about the history of game webcomics


  • XGen Studios
    • Playing games online allows gamers to enjoy a new type of game. XGen Studios hosts a variety of games, created with Flash that are designed to be played within a browser. A good example is Stick RPG.
  • The Set Game
    • Set Enterprises creates puzzle card games where players must see the patterns and develop strategies for playing. This online site allows you to challenge yourself daily with various preset games.
  • CCG Workshop
    • Most collectible card games require players to buy a large quantity of cards, develop a strategy for building their deck, and find other players to compete against. CCG Workshop allows players to create virtual decks and challenge people from anywhere in the world, allowing players to focus more on strategy than card collecting.
  • Neopets
    • Neopets allows you to adopt a virtual pet and explore the world of Neopia to enhance your pets experience and gain money buy playing to purchase items for your pet.
  • Iron Realms
    • Before Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games, roleplayers would interact in a text-based world called a Multi-User Dungeon(MUD). Iron Realms is a collection of four free fantasy MUDs.


  • Board Game Geek
    • Board Game Geek is a community site centered around tabletop games. It includes reviews, game trading, user created categorized game lists, and a break down of available games by publisher, mechanics, and designers.
  • Magic The Gathering
    • Magic the Gathering is a card game where players collect unique card to build a deck with strategy and skill. The official site provides a community for players to interact, share successful strategies, learn more about ccgs, and enjoy the game. .
  • Icehouse Wiki
    • Icehouse is a game played with three colored pyramid shapes of different sizes created by Looney Labs. This wiki contains rules for over a hundred games that fans have created involving the icehouse pieces. .
  • Gen-Con
    • Gamers gather together annually to share four days of intense gaming experience. Attendees range from game designers to retailers to players.


  • World of Warcraft
    • Currently the most popular world in which players work together to gain experience and level up. The unique aspect of this world is that players develop a community where they bring in out of world elements to enhance the experience.
  • Xfire
    • This Instant Messenger application allows players to keep track of the games their friends are playing. It also allows you to send messages to friends within specific games.
  • Game Ranger
    • A program that allows Mac users to communicate with each other and to host games for others to play.
  • Ventrillo
    • When in a urgent situation, it is much faster to say something than to type it, so many MMORPG players use Voice over IP applications when in dungeons, instances, and other fairly dangerous encounters.
  • Massive Magazine
    • There are various gaming magazines available that contain strategy guides, reviews, and industry news. Massive is the only magazine that focuses solely on the multiplayer online games. Its comprehensive coverage makes it useful for all gamers especially MMORPG gamers.

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