Restoration contractors Charlotte NC

Why is 24 hour emergency mitigation service important for fire restoration or smoke restoration? It is important to quickly identify and mitigate what type of fire or smoke damage has occurred, to eliminate ongoing effects of acid soot residues on various structural and personal property components and to reduce the amount of soot damage and discoloration.

What should you do in the case of a fire loss? In the case of a fire get you and your family out of the house as soon as possible. Call you local fire department. If possible to do safely turn off all gas and electricity. Call Restoration contractors Charlotte NC.


Why is 24 hour emergency mitigation service important for flood damage restoration or water damage restoration? What do you do when you have a flood and suffer from water damage or water loss? The first thing to do is consider your safety. Get yourself in a safe location. Be careful, water damage can cause structural damage to your home or business. Bring in a professional. If you are able turn of all of the breakers. Remember that the flooding and water damage can short out your electrical circuits. This can be dangerous. If you are able, turn off the water and gas supply too. Bring in professionals to mitigate your water loss and take care of your water damage.

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