What To Expect On Your First Psychic Call

Your First Psychic Reading: What Can You Expect?

First Psychic ReadingIf you are considering having a psychic reading by phone a professional, you are in the company of thousands of like-minded people from all walks of life. The experience of a reading with a psychic can be very rewarding if you understand what to expect and how to choose a good reader.

Selecting Your Psychic Reader

Doing some research is the best first step in locating the psychic you would like to work with. Check with your friends or others you trust to see if they can recommend someone. If not, you can turn to the internet, which is loaded with websites for groups and individuals offering their services as psychic readers. Listen to your intuition in selecting a few who appear to be the type of reader you would be comfortable with.

Clarify Your Purpose

It is helpful to clarify just why you are interested in a psychic reading before you begin your research. Are you most curious about your relationships? Then you might want to find a psychic who specializes in that area. The techniques used by each psychic can vary as well, from energy reading to Tarot cards to numerology. Your research can also assist you in knowing which methods you might be most comfortable with.

Fees for Psychic Readings

The fees for psychic readings can be based on the readers’ experience level and how “in demand” they are. Lower fees don’t necessarily mean you will receive a lower quality reading, but it might. Many phone psychics offer some initial free minutes and this is a great way to decide if it is the right psychic for you without paying any money first. Make sure you clarify when the free time ends and the paid time begins.

Pay Attention for Frauds

It is widely believed that many people who proclaim to be psychic have no innate psychic ability and are simply play acting. They are basically frauds and scam artists. But this is not true of everyone in the field. A couple warning signs to watch for are “psychics” who ask tons of questions about your background, speak only in obvious generalities, predict the future with certainty, or insist on the need for future appointments.

Be Open and ActivePsychic Reading

Once your session begins, it is important that you choose to be an open and active participant in the process of the reading. The psychic will likely ask you a few questions to help clarify the information she is perceiving and you can ask questions of her as well. Skeptism has its place, but too much of it can really put a damper on the reading.

A New Door Opens

During the reading, you will likely be given information by the psychic that feels positive and exciting. You will probably also hear some news that feels more unpleasant or unwelcome. Stay open to hearing this and don’t immediately reject it. Remember that so often a new door opens after one has been closed and who knows what gifts may lie behind it?

The Patterns in Your Life

In the end, the psychic’s role is to see the paths your life is headed on. Yet, you still hold the reins for how the paths continue to unfold. Nothing that the psychic perceives or predicts is carved in stone. The patterns in your life are as such because of who you have been and the decisions you have made. A psychic reading offers a glimpse of what may lie ahead, but you are the one who determines who you are to become.

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