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What happens when your corporate name is slandered? Are companies powerless over hostile attacks from disgruntled employees, ex-spouses or the unethical behavior of competitors? What can you do to fight back against negative reviews or untruths online?

E-commerce is a fascinating system and online purchasing and web marketing has empowered SEO tattoo shops and businesses and companies internationally with the ability to reach a global audience and compete on many levels. However, there is a sidebar to this forum of economics that is harmful and sometimes detrimental to success. Websites like Ripoffreport, 800Notes and even social media have created a platform for bad behavior. Hundreds of thousands of people and businesses have fallen victim to negative reviews and slanderous posts that impact revenues and impede on success. More often than not this content is untrue and only a means for the competition to harm companies for selfish gains. Sadly, no one is immune to Cyber Bullying, but there is a way to protect your company and solve the problems that result.

Online Reputation Within The Tattoo Industry

Online reputation management is a term that describes the work done to eliminate negative content on the web and positively enhance the reputation of a client. A strong Marketing campaign will protect clients from negative content as well as strengthen their corporate brand and positively develop their web presence. At SEO tattoo we are experienced with eliminating ‘scam’ from Google drop-down menus and we use organic search engine optimization to develop a strong online profile for our clients. We have many clients that are attacked regularly through such forums and because of our work, there is no evidence of these negative posts associated with their company name visible on the web.  Our SEO tattoo work guarantees first page rankings for multiple keyword searches and our clients quickly find their company is the top-ranked business in their market.

A negative review or a slanderous social media post does not have to impede on your success. We empower our clients to take charge of their reputation, increase a positive web presence and recruit new business. Successful businesses today invest in internet marketing to represent their company as a leader in the industry, increase their influx of new business and ensure long term prosperity in their industry.

With such a unique cultural influence it is important for businesses to select a marketing firm that is immersed in its culture. The market is crowded with hundreds of fake SEO’s, and wannabees. Internet marketing enables businesses to expand the audience of patrons beyond the immediate local scene. Restaurants that once only catered to the occasional passerby, are now empowered with a world of business. SEO Miami and online reputation management are the components of advertising that achieve visibility need to reach the public.

Most entrepreneurs know that for a business to be successful, they need a state of the art website that is alluring and reflective of current market trends. First page rankings on Google ensures the largest viewing audience and statistics prove the top-ranked sites earn seventy-five percent of market shares.

If you want to compete in the tattoo industry and market first page rankings are essential to maximizing profits and long term success. Taking advantage of search engine optimization is a wise choice for any business, especially restaurant and entertainment. In today’s contemporary society everyone turns to the web to seek information. The websites that are listed at the top of Google searches are earning top revenues. You can be sure every top-ranked restaurant is packed with patrons.

When you are ready to earn this high percentage of profit share, look to a marketing firm that has a proven record of top-ranked clients in your city. A successful marketing firm will create an online image that reflects success and their experience will get you the results you want.


How Hard Is Search Engine Optimization In The Tattoo Industry?

Do you have a strong web presence? Does your website accurately reflect success and is it demonstrative of current industry trends? When viewers research your name are they reading positive content that is reflective of your true identity? Or are there slanderous reviews and negative untruths damaging your reputation?

The internet is filled with websites used to post negative reviews about businesses and unethically slander competitors for selfish gain. Such forums once designed to help businesses grow and support the consumer have become avenues for any anonymous person to maliciously attack companies. In many cases websites like Ripoffreport, 800Notes and even Yelp are the reason legitimate and successful organizations have gone out of business.

Unjust negative reviews and hostile character attacks are very damaging to business and can have detrimental consequences. Unfortunately, these sites are listed with high priority on Google and when a negative comment is posted, it quickly reaches top ranking. With so many sites such as these any disgruntled worker, former employee, competitor or even angry ex-spouse can cause harm and significantly damage a company reputation. Think about it, would you do business with a company that had a terrible review listed below their website?

For this reason it is important to invest in a marketing campaign that includes both search engine optimization and online reputation management. At SEO Tattoo we know the importance of a company’s online reputation. In today’s world of e-commerce, the online profile of a business whether it is a small business or multimillion dollar corporate entity, its presence on the web is crucial to success. Even companies as successful as Starbucks are investing in marketing to protect their reputation and ensure long term success.

Our marketing campaigns are individually crafted to meet the needs of each client. We have experience in removing ‘scam’ from Google drop down menus and our record of success proves our clients have no visible evidence of undesirable content visible on the first ten pages associated with their name. Our SEO Miami work guarantees first page rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing and this high visibility has earned on average a 50-100% increase in new business in just a few short months.

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