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The printer that I have selected to present today is manufactured by Brother. You probably know that I like the Brother products because I keep talking about them. But what is it that you cannot love from this company? You got to love everything coming from them, because they are some of the best in this industry. The name of the printer is Brother HL4150CDN color laser printer, that comes with duplex and networking. www.awbt.com.au/about.The price of this product on Amazon.com, which is the site that I love most when presenting electronics (another thing that I like very much) is of $304.99. This product is shipped and sold by Deal Zone. There are only 4 product in stock, so if you want one, you should order it these days, before the stock runs out of products.

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If you want to offer this present as a gift to someone, you have to click on a certain link in order to show the sales representative from Amazon that you want it wrapped in a special way. After all, if the product represents a gift, it should look like a gift right? The first feature with which I start a presentation of the printer is obviously the printing speed. I have presented that this printer uses the laser technology when printing documents, simply when I have presented the name of the product, this is why I find it that it is no need to present the printing technology one more time. This is why I will start with the printing speed, which is of up to 25 pages per minute in color and in black and white also.

Duplex Color Laser Printers (Source: ecx.images-amazon.com)

Duplex Color Laser Printers (Source: ecx.images-amazon.com)

The product dimensions are something like this: 19.1×16.1×12.3 inches and the total weight of the product is of 57 pounds, although the weight of the printer and only of the printer is of 46.3 pounds. In the package, besides the printer, you will receive the cartridges, the documentation, the software that allows you to use this printer with your computer and some other products, this is why the shipping weight is a little bit higher than the total weight of the product itself. This item is currently shipped only in the United States. Probably this happens because of the weight of the product.

The Amazon bestsellers rack that was obtained by this product is the 27th position in Electronics. The date when this product was first available on Amazon.com was on September 17, 2010, which was one year ago. In this time, the product has reached to the 27

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