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The last part of March found us with a tendancy to make things more than what they are…mentally pushing the limits. So we ended the month and begin this month with the perfect time to broaden our horizons and learn new things about ourselves and/or others. This first week of April try to really LISTEN to the opinons your partner has and realize that they are just that.. opinions…it doesn’t mean you have to digest them…it doesn’t mean you are wrong if you don’t agree with them. Instead of focusing on your differences concentrate on the sharing of like ideas and interests.

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Some of us will have a tendency for daydreaming at this time and a desire to fulfill our fantasies could overtake us. You could be very sensitive at this time and want to indulge in sensual pleasures…a romantic weekend is just the thing. If your partner is a bit distant with practical matters, …just make a special candlelit dinner with some soft music and lots of floor pillows….a neck rub will go a long way. This is a great time for adventure and doing something different together. You feel at one with the world during this time and meditation, music, art, dance, photography, spiritual groups, travel and communing with nature offer moments of peace and tranquility. You may also feel creative and intuitive, therefore it is a good time to explore and express the more artistic and spiritual side of your nature.

The second week of April is filled with the Spirit of compromise and agreement, much harmoious interaction these days with real appreciation of the beauty around us. The conversation will flow in social gatherings and a lot of revolutionary ideas will surface. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to say something…This is the week to do it! You can be very persuasive now…there is Power in your words.
This is the time for individual commitment and decision. The desire to make things happen, is very strong now. Take in the full picture, use your good judgement, think positive and DO IT!

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The third week of April will find most of us dealing with the practical side of our relationships…let’s hope we took advantage of the previous weeks….as this may get a little intense and the partnership/relationship may go on the back burner because of all that’s going on in the practical world. This is a good time though for finding the solutions to most any problem, as your inventiveness is at its peak. The best way to handle any dispute you may have with your partner at this time is good old fashion straight talk. The last part of April finds us reluctant to any changes…we want to stick to what is familiar and comfortable, so, if you have any changes in mind don’t be discouraged if they are met with as much enthusiasm as wet rag. Best to keep these on hold until next month…most things will wait that long if they are important enough. This week is a good time for inner-work…make your desired changes within.

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