7 Ways to Improve Testing Skills

If you want to be a good video game tester, then it is more than just trying out a game to see if it’s good or not, you’re supposed to be looking for glitches and bugs. After you find these, you need to communicate what the problem is and how you found it.

Below are areas you can work on now to get yourself ready for game testing or to simply stand out from the many other applicants. When you already are one, working on these can get you into a higher level within the career.

Be thorough

Don’t rush your testing. Do it all carefully. If you need to test if the main character can walk through the walls in a room, run into every spot you can. You want to make sure you cover everything so that you can catch every error. The better you are here, the more wanted you’ll be. A thorough tester is a good tester.

Have a basic understanding of game programming languages

Simplifying the programming languages, game programming is the actual code used for making video games. There are many out there, with a lot available online. Knowing this can help you understand what the programmers deal with, helping you communicate and understand them better.

Have a basic understanding of computer programming languages

C and C++ are two important languages you should try to have some understanding of. However, the neat thing about programming languages is that once you know one, you practically know them all. You can try learning something simple such as Python, then shift over to C++. C++ is the main language out there, so knowing it could help you get a higher position. There are many guides online.

Have a basic understanding of computer hardware and software

You should definitely know how to use a computer. Hardware compatibility is important to understand. You know that list of requirements listed for a computer game? The RAM, processor speed, and all that? You should understand those and be able to tell if a computer meets those specifications. As for software, know how to work the standard word processing and spreadsheet programs, as well as how to install and uninstall programs.

Have a basic understanding of the video game industry

Know the basic process of how a video game goes from an idea to a finished product. Learn how the different jobs (the developers, the writers, the programmers, the graphic artists, the musicians, and more) each play their part in the big picture.

Have a basic understanding of testing software

Knowing the basic structure of testing software can make you stand out from the crowd. This can definitely help you land a job.

Have good communication

Practice writing reports and talking with others. Be sure to use lots of details as well as be clear with what you’re trying to say. Both will really help with getting higher paying jobs in video game testing.

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